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2015 Prizes and Promotions: Review

Aug 22

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Hello All!  We have been welcoming many new players, welcoming back many former players, and in some cases confusing our regular players.  With the improvements to our current promotions, we'd like to take a moment to review our current prize options which are available when you choose to play Riverchasers. 

Now, since we know that we are always improving, we didn't put specific qualifying details in this message.  Instead, we provided an overview of the promotion with direct links to our website where you can find specific and up to date information regarding the specific promotion you are researching. 

Here's the list:

Daily Prizes Satellite Seats PCT Tickets Bar Poker Open / Online Tokens
$10-$200 $1,500+ $5,000+ $100,000+

$10 - $200+

Each venue offers and provides daily prizes to top players at their discretion.  All players in the tournament are eligible to win prizes.  Pre-registration or membership is not required.  Prizes are always subject to change, which is why we do not advertise their prizes on our website.  Ask your daily Tournament Host or TAP (tournament assistant player) for the list of prizes.   


"Win and You're In"
$1,500+ Prize Pool

Win and You're In!  That's the tagline because that's exactly what it means.  During specific advertised periods of each satellite promotion, we will have Satellite Qualifying.  Play and win at any Riverchasers tournament and win your Satellite SEAT.  This is the perfect promotion to provide a large reward for a small amount of time investment. 

To be credited with your SEAT, you have to be a registered member on www.riverchasers.com.  Membership is free and only takes a minute to register.  We can't credit your account with a SEAT if there is no account available. 

At the end of Satellite qualifying, we'll host a Satellite Final in which the prizes are awarded.  As each promotion is unique, visit our website under
Championships > Satellite Tournament > Current Satellite Promotion. 
Here you will find all details regarding qualifying, additional Seat bonuses, Satellite Final, Tournament Structure, and Prize Pool. 


Players Championship Tournament
$5,000+ Prize Pool

Our Players Championship Tournament is the backbone of our league.  The PCT Season includes 26 weeks of qualifying, followed by Regional Championships and ultimately the PCT Final.  This event has been hosted at Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa for the previous 9 years. 

Again, in order to track your results, you must be a registered member on www.Riverchasers.com.  A points system both rewards and tracks our players' success under varying leaderboards.  Keep an eye on our Schedule Updates for Bonus point days occasionally, it's a great way to build your totals. 

The top players at each tournament will earn PCT Points towards these leaderboards.  -First, each Venue has their own leaderboard for the season.  If a venue hosts multiple weekly events, each weekly event is treated separately. 
-Second, there is an overall Season Leaderboard, which combines points earned at all weekly events and bonus promotions. 



At the end of each Season, based upon the qualifying rules for that Season, the top players of each Venue and the Seasonal Leaderboard are awarded with a PCT Ticket.  This Ticket is their invitation to compete in the Final.  For those who don't instantly earn a Ticket but are the next highest level of players at each venue, or overall in the league, we have Regional Championships.  The top players at each Regional Championhip will also earn their PCT Ticket to compete in the PCT Final.  To find out how many players earn an Instant PCT Ticket, and how to qualify for a Regional Championship, view this season's qualifying rules. 


The PCT Final typically has a $5,000+ Prize Pool.  Players may be required to register online ahead of time for this Championship event.  Again, please read the qualifying rules for end of season instructions. 

$100,000+ Guaranteed Prize Pool


The Bar Poker Open is the National Championship for the Bar Poker Community.  With a growing network of 25+ affiliate leagues, Riverchasers is proud to be a co-founding affiliate. 

The Bar Poker Open is a combination of 10+ Poker Tournaments, geared toward the bar poker player, which is open to the public.  Tournaments include Team Tournament, Progressive Bounties, Crazy Pineapple, DeepStacks, Survivors, and more!  This year's event will be held at Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City, NJ from December 4th - 8th, 2015. 

In addition to the Open tournaments, we host the Bar Poker Open National Championship Invitational, from December 5th - 7th.  This year will have a $100,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool.  This event is by invitation only and invitations can be won a few different ways. 

First, an affiliate league will hold qualifying amongs their own league.  For Riverchasers, we overlap our Bar Poker Open National Championship Qualifying with our PCT Qualifying.  Qualification rules differ slightly, but the structure is the same. 


Second, players can compete at any $100K Direct Qualifier at participating venues throughout the Bar Poker Open network.  Each league will announce which venues are participating venues.  For Riverchasers, any venue with this logo...

...is a participating Venue.  Play and finish in the TOP 3 and you will earn a BPO Token.  You will receive an invitational email to Activate a Bar Poker Open Online player account.  Each week, we host online tournaments which cost "1 Token" to compete.  The top players each tournament win a Direct Invitation to compete in the $100K National Championship.  The online winner also wins bonus travel cash.

For full information regarding the Online Direct Qualifying, visit


We hope that clears up some of your questions and helps you find the answers you may have been looking for.  Thanks for being Riverchasers and we look forward to seeing you at the tables!

Questions?  Contact us:
by Text at 267-343-9098

All the best!

Andrew Griffith
Managing Member




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