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1. Players must be a registered league member, in good standing, adhere to membership requirements, and be in compliance with all policies in order to earn or redeem Players Championship Tournament (PCT) Points or Satellite Seats.  Some events are by invitation-only, but all events are free to play and there is no purchase necessary to play or to win prizes. 

2. We accept a membership when the following requirements have been complied with:
               a. A user name
               b. Full and accurate information in the user name profile that matches a government issued ID,
                   including name, address, date of birth, and a valid current email address
               c. Agree to terms of membership as listed in registration process

3. PCT Points, PCT Event Invitations, and Satellite Seats are non-transferable to other players and cannot be bought, sold, or traded. Points and seats have no cash value. 

4. PCT Points, PCT Event Invitations, and Satellite Seats for one qualification period are non-transferable to another qualification period.

5. Semi-Final/Regional and Final event invitations cannot be bought, sold, or traded. You cannot buy your way into any of these events. They must be earned.  

6. Members must show a valid photo ID at registration to Semi-Final/Regional and Final events in order to participate. 

7. How to Earn PCT Points: Earn PCT Points at any weekly League event by finishing in the top 30% of that event.

   PCT Points:
              a. A minimum of thirteen (13) PCT points are awarded for first place at each weekly game
              b. A minimum of eight (8) players earn PCT points at any game
              c. A maximum of thirty (30) players earn PCT points at any game
              d. Bonus points are awarded to the final eight (8) players at each game

a. Players can win a PCT "TICKET to the FINAL" by playing for free and earning points at the venues.  A "TICKET to the FINAL" is your invitation to compete in the PCT Final.  At the end of each season, the top players who meet the minimum criteria described in the About the PCT page will earn their "TICKET to the Final". 

              a.  Each venue is awarded a Membership Level, based upon their average attendance level throughout the season.  The Venue Membership Level determines how many championship invitations/tickets are awarded at the end of each Season.  A venue Membership Level may increase or decrease throughout the season, based upon that average attendance level.  Therefore helping grow the venue by inviting family and friends is a great way to increase the Membership Level and offer the most rewards possible to you and your fellow venue players. 

a. Players may be required to register online prior to the PCT Final in order to compete.  A nominal event fee may be charged by the hosting property to cover staffing and facility costs.  Details and the Deadline for registration will be posted on the PCT Final informational page each season. 

              a. Any venue that has hosted less than fourteen (14) weekly events during a Season, or has postponed their services before the end of the season, may not be eligible as a automatic qualifying location for Seasonal Championships.  View the ABOUT THE PCT page for specific seasonal information.  Contact for questions about the current Season's eligibility rules.   

8. How to Earn Satellite Seats: Seats are awarded based on the rules of each Satellite Promotion.  Please read the specific promotional rules of each promotion for the Satellite Seat qualification process on the CURRENT SATELLITE PROMOTION page.  Satellite promotions have specific qualifying periods.

              a. The quantity of seats awarded will be determined by the promotional rules of each Satellite promotion.
              b. Some Satellite promotions will have a multiple-seat reward system which offers a player more tournament chips at a Semi-Final of Final event based on the quantity of seats that have been won.  Please view each Satellite promotions full details for the reward levels offered.

9. In select markets we define "local requirements" which may vary from the standard PCT or Satellite promotional qualifying.  These "local requirements" will be listed on the ABOUT THE PCT and the CURRENT SATELLITE PROMOTION page respectively.

10. Players can track all points for the different promotions by clicking the "Rankings" tab in the navigation menu.  Additionally, members can view their rankings on their "My Player Rewards" page.

11. Players must abide by the Code of Conduct policy.  Failure to abide by the code of conduct may lead to removal from the event and/or the forfeiture of both PCT Points and Satellite Seats.

12. Advertised prize pools and all event details are subject to change based on the number of current league locations and League discretion.  All modifications to current or upcoming promotions will be posted on the website.

13. It is your responsibility to validate that the information on any leader board is accurate and you must confirm this information a maximum of 48 hours after any qualification period ends.  If you do not see your name on either leader board or if the posted seats and points are not accurate. Please contact and include your name, the date, and venue that you are missing rankings from. Each leader board is typically updated 48 hours after each event. We recommend that you validate your PCT points and Satellite Seats to ensure that they have been awarded to you.

14. For all prizes over state limits Riverchasers is required to report this information to the IRS. Prize winners may be requested to fill out proper tax forms in order to receive prize payment. You must have current government issued identification in order to redeem your prize.  If a member refuses to fill out the paperwork your prize will be forfeited immediately and distributed between the next 2-10 place finishers in the tournament at Riverchasers' management discretion.

15. Qualification rules may vary according to state laws.

16. By participating in this promotion, you agree to the Riverchasers Terms of Service and agree to abide by the rules and regulations as enforced by RC and the tournament host of the event. You also agree to hold Riverchasers, its affiliates, and partners harmless.

17. In the event that you win a Riverchasers provided prize, you give Riverchasers the right to post your name and amount of prize won in all advertisements on the website and printed materials. Furthermore, by collecting a Riverchasers prize, you agree to allow Riverchasers to use any photograph or video of yourself on any website or printed materials related to the promotion of Riverchasers, league games, and special Tournaments.

18. In some cases our Final events are hosted on Casino properties.
a. If you qualify for a Final event you agree to allow Riverchasers the ability to share your first and last name, mailing address, and date of birth with the casino partner. Your information will be submitted to the local gaming authorities to be checked against any and all state and federal gaming exclusion lists. If your name is on a federal or state gaming list in the state where the Final is being played, your Finals seat will not be eligible and you will not able to participate in the event.
b. In no way shape or form is your data shared with any partner.  You will not be placed on any mailing lists and your information will not be sold in any manner.
c. Events on Casino property may institute a nominal service fee at their discretion to cover the costs of the casino property use and services provided. 

19. It is your responsibility to check qualification dates, Semi-Finals dates and locations, and Finals date and location prior to participating into any qualification process.

20. All Riverchasers rulings are final.

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